• Find Someone Who

‘The Find Someone Who’ activity is a very entertaining hunt where students move around the classroom to find some classmates with defined characteristics. Students are given a worksheet at the beginning of the activity with these special characteristics and they go around the classroom asking questions to find a match. Once they find this match, they write the name of their classmate and find another classmate to ask questions. Greetings here are important to develop good relationships and you may insist that students greet their partners correctly.

  • Guess games

On pieces of paper, students write in secret one thing they absolutely love and one thing they absolutely hate. After collecting the papers, the teacher reads the results out loud and students have to guess who it may refer to.

  • Class projects

Class projects are keys to develop classbuilding and a supportive learning  community.

Class projects are keys to develop classbuilding and a supportive learning  community. When we think about class projects we can think first of all about the rules created by the students. It will be like a contract agreed both by the teacher and students and displayed in the classroom that shows do’s and don’t’s.


Class projects may also include a birthday chart where students write their birthday and name and that is displayed in the classroom to share presents.

Not to mention the creation of the class name. What about the Amazing Group, the Fantastic Bunch, the Invincible etc. ? Finding a class name can be empowering and leaves your students with a sense of belonging.

Once you have decided on a seating plan that will help your learners best, why not giving some names to the groups as well?

You may also agree on giving students some nice pets names like Miss Smile, Mr Brilliant etc. You just need to make sure these pets names have a positive connotation.

Class projects are varied. You may also consider preparing a play, a musical, prepare a powerpoint presentation, conduct a school survey, engage in a research project, create a class blog or a class newspaper etc.

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