How to sell teaching resources

How to sell teaching resources online

Over the past ten years many websites have appeared for teachers to buy and sell their home-made teaching material. The question is ethical for many: Shall we or shall we not sell our teaching resources? Well, this will not be the question in this article. With millions prospective teachers looking for resources to save their day and avoid the long work hours in planning there is definitely a market and few are the teachers who are not looking for a few more quids on their salaries. Having sold online resources and services in education for a while now, here are a few secrets you should know if you want to become a successful teacher-author-seller online.

First of all, don’t feel bad about it. It took me a while to understand that if I am not doing it, others will do it in my place.
Secondly selling resources online has helped me designed better resources for my students. If your product does not sell, it probably means that something is missing. It could be the content or the design or maybe both. In any case selling online will help you reflect on your own teaching practice.

Now that you are convinced that selling online resources is maybe not such a bad idea, here are a couple of tips to get you started.

How to sell teaching resources

1. Check your own resources. Which ones have been especially useful to you and to your students? How could you make them better in terms of content and design?
2. Do the extra mile when designing your resources. Good is not good enough. If you are selling on the teachers’ markets if means that your customers are expecting high standards. Don’t let a typo or spelling mistake let you down.
3. Check and double-check your work. Some teachers may not check the resources they buy before they actually use them in class. Sad, but true. So if your material is not easy to use or if it does not include all the information required, do it again.
4. Check – and buy- resources from other sellers. Understand their strategies. What makes them popular among their peers? Why are they best sellers?
5. Subscribe to different forums and ask your questions like: “Where do I start ? How can I set up my store? How does marketing work?”
6. Be consistent. Try to put your resources online in a consistent way to set up a solid customer base. If your products are good your customers should come over and over again to get your products.
7. Do not neglect the descriptive part of your product. You need to be as accurate as possible when describing your product. It should mention the objectives of your product, the level, the type of material and any other details you find could be useful for your customer.
8. Be EXTRA patient. Nothing will happen overnight. It might take months before you get your first dollar or pound. Remember what you always tell your students: Never give up. Well, the same applies to you here.

These tips should help you get started in the world of selling teaching products online. So, just get started. Try it out and be ready to tell your success story about selling teaching resources online!

How to sell teaching resources quick recap:

How to sell teaching resources

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